CBOE Webcast – Income Generation Series: Low Probability Iron Condor

by Tom Nunamaker on August 25, 2011

Dan is presenting Low Probability Iron Condors today (Thursday Aug 25, 2011) at 3:30 PM Central (Chicago) Time. Today’s webcast is titled:

Income Generation Series: Low Probability Iron Condor

Dan presented a similar series several years ago that was very popular.  He is re-building the entire series again with current information.

Dan goes through several Low Probability Iron Condor adjustments and discusses when to take the GOOD side off in this presentation.

The presentation is today at 3:30 PM Central at CBOE.com.
Register for this webcast here.

NOTE: If you need help joining the CBOE WebCast,
I made a video to walk you through the process

Download the presentation slides

Low Probability Iron Condor

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