What Options Broker do You Use?

by Tom Nunamaker on April 18, 2011

We have a one question survey to see what the most popular options broker is.

Please take this short survey:

What Option Broker Do you Use? Survey

We’ll post the the results here and in our public forums here:


UPDATE: We have some results now.. with 234 responding.  I’m going to the survey now as we have a good sample size and the numbers didn’t change much from when we had 125 responses.

For primary options broker
69.6% ThinkOrSwim
12.1% Interactive Brokers
9.4% OptionsXpress
4.5% TradeMONSTER
3.6% OptionsHouse

For Primary or Secondary Broker
64.0% ThinkOrSwim
12.6% Interactive Brokers
12.6% OptionsXpress
6.8% TradeMONSTER
5.2% OptionsHouse

The rest combined were under 2% of the results.


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