Advanced Butterfly Class starts May 11th

by Tom Nunamaker on April 26, 2010

Our Advanced Butterfly Class starts May 11th.

Dan Sheridan will be teaching a brand new class on Butterflies to show you how to generate monthly income. Some details for you:

  • Monarch ButterflyClasses begin on Tuesday, May 11th at 1:00 PM US Central time (Chicago)
  • Classes meet weekly for six weeks
  • Classes are held over the internet with WebEx technology
  • Classes will be 60 to 90 minutes long
  • Classes are all recorded so you don’t have to attend the classes live
  • You will have access to all future live Butterfly Classes and permanent access to the Butterfly Class archives

Your investment is protected! 100% of this course fee is deductible from the full mentoring program for one year!

Course Outline

Class 1   Spread Overview and How the Greeks Affect the Butterfly
Overview of the Iron Butterfly, Broken Wing Butterfly and Speculative Butterfly. How the different Greeks affect the Butterfly.

Class 2   Butterfly Mechanics and Live Trade Execution
What vehicles to trade? When to put on Butterflies? Width of the strikes? Live trade execution? Commissions? Price chart considerations. Butterfly versus Calendar versus Iron Condors. Which is better?

Class 3   Risk Management Plan for the “Fly”
Initiating Butterflies: All at once or scale into the trade? What type of Butterfly to put on? Profit and Loss targets? Adjustment points? How much capital to employ?

Class 4   Adjustments – Part 1   (also: when to adjust)
Condorizing the Butterfly, adjusting with vertical spreads, adjusting with long options, narrowing butterflies on one or both sides to reduce price risk.

Class 5   Adjustments – Part 2   (also: when to adjust)
How to properly scale into butterflies, managing butterflies by the Greeks, adding Calendars and Diagonals to adjust butterflies.

Class 6   Speculative (Time Bomb Butterflies and Broken Wing Butterflies)
When to place these versions of a butterfly and how to manage them.

Early Bird Special

Early Bird

Price Information

Course fee is $995 US Dollars.


Click for full details and to sign up at this  special price

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Robert April 25, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Will I find some new information in that Calss, than I can learn from Dan`s CBOE Webcasts?

Tom Nunamaker April 25, 2010 at 6:59 pm

Yes Robert. Dan will be presenting a lot of material that he doesn’t cover in CBOE webinars. This is more in depth and focused than he can be with shorter webinar.

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