Paper Trades: ES/GOOG/ZB for 28 Dec 2010

by Tom Nunamaker on December 28, 2010

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ES up slightly today towards the center of the fly. GOOG moved down which has increased the expiration probability of profit to 89% so that trade is looking fine. Might turn positive tomorrow.
ZB had a huge move down today. Two standard deviations! Not great for an income vehicle. Our position is now slightly imbalanced so rather than fiddle around with it, since we have a +13.2% profit in that trade, I decided to close it. The risk of the fly continuing down and our profit evaporating has dramatically increased. Best to take a nice profit and move on.

Portfolio Overview

Combined Starting Margin: $18,794
Combined Current Margin: $13,212 (GOOG trade. ES is riskless)
Combined Profit +$1,583 (+8.4% on original capital)
Days in Trade: 7

These are PAPER TRADES ONLY! DO NOT USE LIVE CAPITAL FOR THESE TRADES! This is for instructional purposes ONLY! You’ve been warned!

Download PowerPoint slides of the entire trade history, charts and trading rationale

ZB Closed Trade +13.2% in 7 days

ZB Closed Trade +13.2% in 7 days

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Bill Mckissock (Sierra Seller) December 29, 2010 at 11:12 am

Hey Tom:

Good job on these trades! Being able to track them in real time as you manage them is really a great learning technique – beats back -trading hands down.

I’ve found that downloading the slides inside the browser is cumbersome as the scrolling (after the 5 min loading) time is jerky and very slow. Also, it uses up my satellite download allowance excessively. Any chance you could post the .ppt file separately (zipped) so it could be downloaded as an independent file?

Yea or nay, thanks for posting these trades!

Tom Nunamaker December 29, 2010 at 11:19 am

Hi Bill,

Thanks. How about if I post the images for each day’s update in the blog post itself so you don’t have to download the slides each day? Maybe that’s easier.

I think I can also use Adobe Acrobat Pro to reduce the PDF file size which would also help.

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