Paper Trades: ES/GOOG/ZB CLOSED 3 Jan 2011

by Tom Nunamaker on January 3, 2011

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I saw the futures opening up strongly this morning and closed the positions at the open. It seems everyone wanted to jump into the market again after the new year. Considering I have a butterfly and a bearish ratio spread, the gap up open on ES bullish signal was enough to throw in the towel and protect profits.

Portfolio Overview

Combined Starting Margin: $18,794
Combined Current Margin: $13,212 (GOOG trade. ES is riskless)
Combined Profit +$1,418 (+7.54% on original capital)
Days in Trade: 13

These are PAPER TRADES ONLY! DO NOT USE LIVE CAPITAL FOR THESE TRADES! This is for instructional purposes ONLY! You’ve been warned!

I’ll get the final PowerPoint on this post tomorrow but here’s the final results:

Portfolio Summary - Closed

Portfolio Summary - Closed

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