6E (Euro) Trade Update for 20 Dec 2010

by Tom Nunamaker on December 21, 2010

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The Euro has been falling in the past week according to my directional hunch so I haven’t needed to update the trade.

We are currently +$150 profit. We will profit on the trade if it expires below 135.47 and it currently is at 131.19.

Margin is $1850  (the Margin is now $1000 less than last week.  SPAN margin at work)
Delta -18.61
Gamma -7.98
Theta +15.91
Vega -92.10  (all options expire together so not too much of a concern)

Price Chart

EURUSD Price Chart

EURUSD Price Chart

Risk Chart

6E Position +$150 profit

6E Position +$150 profit

Download the trade history

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