Options Safari – GE Calendar and VIX Vertical Spread Repaired

by Tom Nunamaker on May 16, 2011

Dan is recording two CBOE TV Option Safari shows today:

GE Calendar

VIX vertical spread repair

The VIX trade was from an Options Safari show recorded on April 4th. Six weeks later, VIX is about where it was with 30 days still to go in the trade. Dan rolls down the spread which increases the debit in the trade, but lowers the breakeven nearly 3 points to near the current price of the VIX.

Download the PowerPoint slides

VIX Vertical Spread Repair

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Joe Darmiento May 16, 2011 at 11:47 am

The posted link for the slides points to May 2, 2011 and addresses SPY and SLV trades (not VIX repair).

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