Morning Commentary April 21st

by Mark Fenton on April 21, 2010

Market finally showing a bit of pause over the past few days from it’s relentless move up. With earnings coming out I suppose a lot of the markets near term movements will be driven by that. VIX is really low here and over the past month or so calendars have been working well and should be decent strategies in this low volatility. Of course it is not all about the volatility, price movement also plays a large part in whether you are successful or not with a calendar. I am always being asked for good calendar candidates and I tell folks the tried and true vehicles we have been using are best. Consider underlyings such as SPX,SPY,MNX,SPY,IWM,DIA,MCD,IBM,EEM,GE and the many others you have seen students in our Sheridan Mentoring community use time after time. And remember, stay on top of your adjustments!


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